Waste is an unfortunate by-product of modern life. Humans produce both biological and synthetic waste, and busy lifestyles demand a need for cleanliness. The way waste is dealt with is changing, however, since landfill and sewage sites are dangerous in several ways. To minimise the danger, it is imperative that solutions are found.


Landfill sites are commonly becoming re-purposed, and sewage is now treated and filtered. To re-purpose a landfill site, investigations must take place to identify the harmful, but potentially useful, gases. In a sewage treatment plant, odours emanate and affect the surrounding atmosphere.

Precise monitoring of these gases is required. Landfill sites need thorough assessment before any redevelopment can take place. Continuous monitoring of the levels of landfill gas is necessary to the safety of the workers on site and the future beneficiaries of the redevelopment. Similarly, high levels of toxic gases produced in sewage treatment works are undetectable without the proper instrumentation. There are also rules and regulations that preside over the maximum volume of toxic gas allowed to be released.


Gas Data has worked with clients in the waste sector for almost three decades. In the 1990s, the UK’s waste sites were beginning to close and be either redeveloped or tapped as sources of potential fuel.

Gas Data have the products necessary for clients in this sector to achieve the best results – both for themselves and the environment.

Waste Products

GFM 406

ATEX rated multi-channel portable gas analyser

GFM 426

ATEX rated portable landfill gas extraction analyser

GFM 436

ATEX rated site inestigation, landfill and compliance gas analyser

GFM 610

ATEX rated gas flow and velocity instrument

Click! System

Fixed system gas analyser

Biogas Click! System

Fixed system gas analsyer configured for Biogas

Odour control system

Fixed system holding up to 16 gas sensors