Technology unlocks all sorts of problems that currently face security operators. For example, physically checking every shipping container in port is laborious and costly. And when security forces are conducting operations, they require rapid intelligence-gathering. Gas Data provide equipment to assess risks efficiently, and quickly determine the best course of action.


People in confined spaces will cause the levels of carbon dioxide to increase. Our gas analysers can be used to take a reading in a matter of seconds and indicate to the operator if one or more people are present.


Gas Data has been providing products for security for over a decade, concentrating on optimising the usability and efficacy of these kinds of tools with an emphasis on intuitive design and functionality.

Gas Data products help security services make rational and quick decisions based on accurate information – and that can make all the difference in the field.

Security Products

GFM 226

Hidden person stowaway detector


Underdoor CO2 Detector