Anaerobic Digestion

“Anaerobic digestion” (AD) is the breakdown of organic matter by a variety of micro-organisms in an oxygen free environment. It represents a method of sourcing clean, sustainable, energy: not only is biogas fuel for heat and power; anaerobic digestion as a whole also offers a means of responsibly disposing of food and other agricultural waste – both of which is so important when it comes to a shared environmental responsibility.


Anaerobic digestion has several applications, and the industry in European countries is mature, with steady growth. In other countries, anaerobic digestion is at its early stages and enjoying rapid rise. As well as energy, biogas can be used to produce other chemicals and gases such as biomethane, which can be used as a fuel in cars.

From sustainable energy to producing digestate which can be used to fertilise crops, anaerobic digestion offers a range of opportunities. Future applications that are still in development include the production of more complex biological molecules and even the breakdown of single-use plastics.


Anaerobic digestion processes require careful control and analysis of many different parameters. Gas Data helps clients to make the process as productive as possible, aiding their operational decisions by providing data to assess the efficiency and quality of their processes.

Anaerobic Digestion Products

GFM 406

ATEX rated multi-channel portable gas analyser

Click! System

Fixed system gas analyser

Biogas Click! System

Fixed system gas analsyer configured for Biogas