As the agriculture sector looks to diversify more and more farmers are investing in alternate revenue streams. Two popular options are the addition of biogas plants – to turn farm waste into electricity, heat and digestate – and syngas plants – which generate electricity that can be used or sold to the national grid. As popularity in these plants has increased, Gas Data has designed products for the agriculture sector to aid their operation.

Gas Data has also acknowledged that the agricultural sector often has lower maintenance budgets in comparison to industrial scaled clients and has developed tailored, annual maintenance packages for all iterations of the Click! Systems being operated in the sector.


For small biogas plants we have developed the on-farm Click! System. This provides essential gas analysis to keep a biogas plant running efficiently.

The GFM 406 can also be configured for biogas analysis and, therefore, serve as a mobile or backup gas analyser for small biogas plant operators.

The syngas Click! System can be scaled to match the number of engines installed in a syngas plant and is designed to adhere to OFGEM requirements. The system logs Gross Calorific Value (GCV), flow per hour, and total flow – the information necessary for their monthly OFGEM reports.

Agriculture Products

GFM 406

ATEX rated multi-channel portable gas analyser

Click! System

Fixed system gas analyser

Biogas Click! System

Fixed system gas analsyer configured for Biogas

Syngas Click! Systems

Fixed system gas analyser configured for Syngas

Odour control system

Fixed system holding up to 16 gas sensors