R&D Partnerships

Gas Data manufacture and supply configurable and versatile products alongside a range of purpose-designed, specialised, instruments. These products are a result of extensive, in-house, research and development. This department is a valuable resource within the company and is available to clients searching for fit-for-purpose solutions.

From pilot biogas plants that are investigating new feedstocks or biological processes, to attempts at harnessing new sources of green energy or developments in syngas production, Gas Data has the expertise and are willing to share that knowledge. Partnerships power progress, and Gas Data are committed to empowering environmental evolution; actively seeking out new partners that share the same engagement.

Gas Data’s research and development partnerships are available to clients with projects that look to access the company’s expert knowledge of gas analysis. Through these partnerships, researchers are supported by thorough investigation of their requirements to develop the best solution for overcoming the presented obstacles.

As part of the research and development partnership, Gas Data offer discounted products and services, as well as free consultation advice. Through this, our partners are given the confidence that they are getting quality instrumentation, bespoke to their requirements, enabling their continued success.

Gas Data work with clients from industrial and academic backgrounds. Through research and development partnerships, clients will benefit from nearly 30 years of gas analysis expertise, and Gas Data will benefit from specialised knowledge in a specific field.

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