Odour control system

The odour control system is designed to be installed in a central location on any site where odour may present a problem. Up to sixteen sample points can be installed around a site and connected to a central datahub. These sample points can be set up to provide round-the-clock readings.

The gathered data can be used to locate the sources of odour issues so the client can exact the necessary measures for control and management.

Gas Data’s Odour Control System is designed to operate continuously in high humidity environments for years at a time. Extension cables are available for sample points that are several hundred meters away from the central datahub.


Odour monitoring and control


  • Odour control system


  • Sample from up to 16 locations simultaneously
  • All data continuously as 4 – 20mA signals
  • Optional data protocols include PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus
  • Optional data output to the Gas Data Portal, giving 24hr access to data via the internet
  • On-site installation, servicing, and maintenance available for UK sites