GFM 426

The GFM 426 offers fast and accurate measurements of gas output, pressure, and wellhead-gas flow rate. It measures 5 gases, using a combination of IR and EC channels alongside providing pressure measurements, through a second sample tube, across three reference points: Atmospheric; Static (Gauge); Differential.

The GFM 426 contains data-logging functions, is lightweight, uses a clear backlit LCD display and runs for 8 hours on a single charge.

This instrument is delivered in a carry case which includes: battery charger; USB cable; instrument spares.

Optional extras to measure velocity and temperature are available.

Landfill gas and monitoring


  • GFM 426
  • GFM 426
  • GFM 426
  • GFM 426
  • GFM 426
  • GFM 426
  • GFM 426


  • Ex. Rating: EEx ib IIB T1
  • Provides measurements of up to 6 gases
  • Measures gas pressure
  • Small, portable design that is easy to fit in one hand
  • SiteMan PC software included
  • High-contrast LCD display
  • User-swappable battery pack
  • Battery life ranging from 8 to 12 hours
  • Maximum charging time of 4 hours
  • Charger suited to client’s country
  • Protective, weather-proof leather case
  • Supplied in ready-to-go site kit
  • Annual recalibration interval
  • Wellhead gas flow rate
  • Storage of 2 water level readings from DIP meter taken at each borehole
  • Manual data storage and programmable unattended data-logging functions
  • 3-tier hierarchical 24-character alphanumerical labels for the naming of stored reading sets