Click! System

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Gas Data Click! System is a fixed gas analyser with the capability to analyse a range of gases, from multiple points, on a single site. Any configuration of gases, according to the client’s specifications, can be built.

Modular build construction
All working parts within the Click! System have their own module, which allows modification and maintenance to be carried out easily and quickly. This minimises plant downtime and reduces operational cost compared to traditional systems.

Data Network Connections
The Click! System can support all common industrial network standards, including PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCPIP. The system offers a range of analogue and digital output signals to support a variety of control systems and applications. These implementations might include dosing systems, configuration of combined heat and power engines, or triggering system alarms.

Remote Monitoring
The Click! System’s monitoring feature allows users to log specific gas measurements from any location. The same network connection allows our technical team to perform maintenance checks, configure firmware updates and highlight faults remotely.

Click the links for a Click! system that is specifically tailored to Biogas or Syngas.


Biogas monitoring and analysisGasification/Syngas | Landfill gas monitoring and analysisOdour monitoring and control | Upgading/Biomethane generation | Waste water and sewage


  • Click! System
  • Click! System
  • Click! System
  • Click! System
  • Click! System
  • Click! System


  • Analyses gas from any number of sample points
  • Sensors with variety of ranges available to best suit the application
  • Modular technology allows unique configurations
  • On-site installation, servicing, and maintenance available for UK sites
  • Innovative sample and purge system to remove moisture content in the gas
  • Gas Data Portal available through addition of a modem, to remotely log data
  • Data access available on customer’s choice of protocol – Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, 4 – 20mA and/or visual read off
  • Autocalibration for frequent self-check and correction of the system without any user intervention
  • Built-in leak alarm with auto-shutdown safety feature