The Bloodhound is a portable carbon dioxide detector developed especially for the detection of people hiding behind doors. It works by detecting the elevated levels of carbon dioxide in human breath and is designed to assist security teams as they undertake risk assessments upon entering a room.

The Bloodhound is lightweight, portable and operates silently. It can be carried easily – and, if required, hidden away quickly. The unit is specially designed to slide under a door to take a reading and can be mounted on the end of a telescopic pole so that operators can use it from a safe distance.

The instrument is robustly manufactured, allowing it to be used in very challenging environments. It is simple to start-up and easy to use, so that gas analysis takes place rapidly after deployment.

In often high-pressure situations, the Bloodhound behaves like its canine namesake: robust, reliable and always accurate.


Hidden person detection


  • Bloodhound


  • Small, portable design that is easy to hold in one hand
  • Operates using easily sourced AA batteries for easy exchange in the field
  • Supplied in a ready-to-go site kit
  • Annual recalibration interval
  • Ambient CO2 level compensation