Our Values

Gas Data is a company driven by values. Our philosophy underpins all the work we do and powers every job and every innovation we undertake. We believe that our work matters, and so how we approach it matters, too.

The Environment

The conservation of the environment is a shared responsibility. This informs everything we do, and why Gas Data is in business. We work diligently to ensure the company’s impact the environment is minimised and take a proactive approach to reducing waste and pollution.

That means first determining, and then acting in accordance with, all necessary compliance and regulatory obligations. It means consistently reviewing the company’s activity to ensure continued fulfilment; it means going beyond that, too.

We strive for continuous improvement by setting environmental objectives throughout the organisation, starting with a reducing our carbon footprint and making strides to become carbon neutral.

The Workplace

Our commitment to the environment starts at HQ. We provide a clean and safe working environment for all our employees and recruit only to enhance our organisational commitment to those core values. We hire individuals with a positive outlook and a strong desire to expand their knowledge and skills. We build teams that can make change happen.

We then support our teams with appropriate infrastructure, equipment, and training, to ensure everyone strives to exceed the company’s – and our clients’ – requirements. 

We provide a work environment that promotes and encourages team collaboration and innovative thinking, through division of workload and sharing of knowledge and skills amongst employees. We ensure that it is an environment free from intimidation, bullying or any other inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour that affects our employees’ wellbeing.

Our belief that every effort is collective is demonstrated in everything we do. We encourage all our employees to identify any processes, designs, and materials, that might limit or compromise our products, services or reputation; to take responsibility for finding and implementing relevant solutions. We strive constantly for continuous improvement of all processes and skills throughout the organisation.

We do so because our work matters to us; our work matters because the environment does too.