Upgrading/Biomethane Generation


Biogas plants are a green source of methane, but the methane concentration is not high enough for use as gas in the national distribution network. That is why clients opt to upgrade their biogas.

Gas Data has developed tailored systems that can measure the impurities found in biogas and its by-products; enabling clients to produce clean and renewable energy.

The removal of impurities from biogas can result in the production of nearly pure methane. The product of this refinement, biomethane, has a much higher calorific value than biogas – and can be sold into the national grid, offering an effective and environmentally-friendly energy option.

Given that biomethane is almost pure methane, gas analysis focuses on detecting any impurities rather than measuring the methane content directly. Analysers typically measure oxygen in the low percentage range, hydrogen sulphide in the low parts per million range, and carbon dioxide in the low percentage range.

Gas Data’s Click! System can be configured to measure for biomethane impurities – and can also be configured with redundant sensors and autocalibration, so that customers can always be sure that their impurity levels are low and being measured accurately.

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Upgrading/Biomethane Generation Products

GFM 406

ATEX rated multi-channel portable gas analyser

Click! System

Fixed system gas analyser

Biogas Click! System

Fixed system gas analsyer configured for Biogas