Landfill Gas Monitoring and Analysis


As the organic matter in landfill sites decomposes, it produces landfill gas. This gas can be collected using boreholes and used to run an engine for electricity and heat.

Of course, to properly harness landfill gas, producers must appropriately monitor its composition. Landfill gas is between 40% and 60% methane; there can also be trace amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide.

The remainder of the gas is carbon dioxide. It is also common to analyse the gas for oxygen content, since these levels indicate whether air is getting into the gas.

Gas Data provides a range of products that can effectively measure the composition of the landfill gas surfacing at your site. We have specifically designed each of our instruments to provide analysis options in a range of scenarios and environments.

For example, the large geographical area of landfill sites can make a fixed gas analyser impractical. In these situations, the portable GFM 436 is perfect for walking across fields to take readings first from one borehole and then another.

Where the landfill gas is being piped towards a common point, meanwhile, the GFM 426 can be used to both analyse the gas content and measure the gas flow through the pipework. Alternatively, where automated gas readings are required, a Click! System can be installed permanently – and will provide a gas reading several times per hour.

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Landfill Gas Monitoring and Analysis Products

GFM 406

ATEX rated multi-channel portable gas analyser

GFM 426

ATEX rated portable landfill gas extraction analyser

GFM 436

ATEX rated site inestigation, landfill and compliance gas analyser

Click! System

Fixed system gas analyser