Land Remediation


An ex-landfill site must be managed effectively if the effects of landfill gas and other atmospheric impurities are to be mitigated. Gas Data has long provided land remediation clients with tools that take measurements essential to keep their sites safe.

Whether an old landfill site is being considered for development, or it has already been built upon, there is the potential for biological matter in the ground to decompose and produce gas. This can escape to the surface, posing health and safety concerns that must be addressed by thorough surveying.

Proper analysis of the air in and around an ex-landfill site is essential in order to determine the safety of the surrounding environment. The GFM 436 is configured to measure the gases specific to landfill sites, gathering the required data to accurately assess a given site’s safety.

Landfill gas is between 40% and 60% methane. There can also be trace amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide. These gases are flammable and toxic. Therefore, effective analysis provides necessary information to take mitigating actions and demonstrate ongoing compliance.

The GFM 436 measures all these gases, as well as the flow coming out of any test bore holes from which a surveyor may need to take a sample. If flow readings are not needed, the GFM 406 can be configured to also measure the gases present at ex-landfill sites.

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Land Remediation Products

GFM 406

ATEX rated multi-channel portable gas analyser

GFM 436

ATEX rated site inestigation, landfill and compliance gas analyser