Hidden Person Detection


In a range of situations, detecting individuals in confined spaces is critical. From security operations to rescue missions, assessing whether hidden persons are present is of urgent importance.

Gas Data have aligned knowledge of atmospherics and gas with experience and engineering expertise to develop tools designed for these high-pressure environments.

As human beings breathe, they exhale small amounts of carbon dioxide. If they are in a poorly ventilated area those carbon dioxide levels steadily build.

This presents operatives opportunity. In normal conditions, air contains between 40 – 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide. A sensor that reads levels above this range offers a good indication of the presence of people breathing in the area.

Gas Data has two products that utilise this principle to detect individuals in confined spaces. The GFM 226 is used by border agencies around the world to detect stowaways within shipping containers. The unit can also be used in search and rescue situations to determine if people are alive in a confined space.

The Bloodhound product is used by security services to rapidly assess if the room beyond a door contains any hidden persons. It is available with a range of fittings that make it suitable for longer range readings.

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Hidden Person Detection Products

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Hidden person stowaway detector


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