Biogas monitoring and analysis


Biogas has become an important source of renewable energy. Globally, the biogas capacity was 15GW in 2015. 10GW of this was located in the EU alone, where half of this capacity was dedicated to heat generation. Although Europe is the world’s leading producer and consumer of biogas, the developing world – notably India – is also increasingly making use of this key fuel source.

Gas Data provide reliable, accurate gas analysis products to measure the full spectrum of biogas plant sites. Plants can range in scale from a single anaerobic digester with a volume of 1m3, all the way up to industrial sites with multiple anaerobic digesters, post-digesters and gas bags.

The composition of biogas is crucial. The most abundant component in biogas is methane, which typically makes up 50% to 60% of the gas. The remainder should be carbon dioxide, with hydrogen sulphide present up to a few hundred parts per million. To verify the anaerobic conditions in their system, biogas operators also commonly analyse their gas for oxygen content.

Gas Data offer a range of products which help producers assess and analyse their gas.

For use with the smallest plants, or for a backup analyser on larger plants, the GFM406 can be configured for biogas analysis. The Click! System “on-farm” biogas analyser, meanwhile, was specifically designed for the small biogas plants typically operated on farms. For larger biogas plants, the Click! System can be configured to measure from as many sample points across a plant as required.

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Biogas monitoring and analysis Products

GFM 406

ATEX rated multi-channel portable gas analyser

GFM 610

ATEX rated gas flow and velocity instrument

Click! System

Fixed system gas analyser

Biogas Click! System

Fixed system gas analsyer configured for Biogas